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Poets preach Peaceful Election by Ferdinand King


Pay heed to the nightingale Song,
Melody that sways all day Long,
From the tree tops comes this Benediction,
A sweet song for every Generation,
Listen as Poets preach peaceful Election…

The words of this sermon we know very Well,
Lyrics of this song are stories we all can Tell,
Of how their blazing steels kept us awake all Night,
Bloodbath after dark when our children Fight,
A war for another because of Naira Motivation,
Aye, Poets preach peaceful Election,

Power to the People is all we Ask,
A congress for Change is not a Hard Task,
Yet they argue and fight when they Meet,
To make their point someone bleeds on my Street,
For how long shall evil abide in Our Nation,
Hearken as Poets preach peaceful Election.

Today we want to do things Right,
Flee from darkness and embrace Light,
Election Violence a wind that blows no Good,
Afterwards leaving everyone in a bad Mood,
Does it matter our Party Identity,
Deep down we all belong to one Entity,
Abeg, listen as Poets preach peaceful Election.

(c) Ferdinand King

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