Written by  Enobakhare Samuel Ogbemudia (Sam de Poet)

The maiden edition of Poets Funtasia has come and gone, but its dusts will stay for a very long time. This is one event that will stay on the lips of many for the longest of time, perhaps until there’s such an event that will outshine it or come next year when it makes a return.

Poets Fantasia like the name implies wasn’t just about poetry, it boasted a rich menu that included a dance competition, an interval where attendees got to know one another, plus many eye-catching points like the freestyle poetry competition and many more. As accustomed with the gathering of poets, the Mic was open for whoever was willing to perform. One reason the event was even more interesting was its accommodation of people of all ages.

Funtasia had it all, an up and doing master of ceremony, lively attendees and even jovial hosts. I mean, what do you make of a man who when asked to say something literally walked up to the microphone and said “SOMETHING!” That was how interesting the event played out.

The dancing competition was hilariously entertaining, the freestyle even more so. The food, oh! There was so much to eat and drink, Meet and Greet was awesome, there were so many beautiful and handsome faces to mingle with. The disk jockey barring a few hitches here and there managed to pull through with a good performance too.
Gifts got exchanged in the spirit of Boxing Day among the attendees. Meanwhile eye-popping prizes were also given out to the winners of the twister, the freestyle, and the dance competitions. SunSamPaul won the Word twister competition, while Isioma who turned out the toast of the event and her lovely sister Chikadibia won the Dance and Poetry Free styling competition respectively, it was a clean sweep!

I’ve been to my fair share of events, of poetry events, of gatherings of poets and non poets alike. Honestly, Poets Funtasia ranks up there! The attendees were warm, welcoming, giving, friendly, beautiful! The side attractions were lit! I can just imagine how Mr and Mrs Kunle Komolafe felt while FreezinPaul performed his beautiful Poem “When a man loves a woman’ I’m sure I would be over the moon if I was Mrs Komolafe too. It reminded me of those serenades men do for women in Mexican Telenovelas. The Poetry performances headlined by Cephas Afolabi, Giovanni Livingstone and a host of others were splendid too, after all, there’s no poet’s Funtasia without poetry.

We enjoyed it all. The interesting side attractions and of course the beautiful faces. If you were at the event, you wouldn’t be caught saying you don’t know the meaning of Lagos’s acronym” IBILE”, would you?
Bankole Kolawole was excepionally conscupious with his flowing Agbada and his talking drum.

Olubusolami our amiable host and our Master of Ceremony Njoku Paul did great giving us a time of our lives, a showpiece worthy of our time. I can’t fail to say thank you to Sound of Sages, and of course to Vivid Verses.

If you ask me, I can’t wait for next year when the Arena opens up for yet another round of fun!

Poets Funtasia 2018 is set to be a yearly event. It is packaged by Vivid Verses and KomsonStudios who also bring an open mic event called Wordaholics which is being held in bars and restaurants around Lagos metropolis and at the prestigious University of Benin.

The next edition of Wordaholics holds on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at Barbeque City Lounge, Apapa Road, Costain, Lagos.

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