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Poetry training and competition by 663 Academy.


My name is Osagie Alex, a Counselor, Poet, Writer and the principal partner of 663 Academy.

663663 Academy is a training and breeding ground for grooming spoken word poet and creating a platform for expression for them.

Currently we have two major task and would need you, if you would like to work with us.

Task 1: we just sealed a deal with Nimabox, and we will W3 - 663be actively involved in their latest project W3 (words work wonders), a face off for poets.
To register for W3 go to www.nimabox.com and sign up and send your details to me.

Task 2: we will continue our online training classes (8pm – 10pm), this will enable us sharpen our poetic (s)words and achieving our goals cause words are spirit and life.
To join in the training just send “training” to 08036666845 (whatsapp).

If you need any further clarification, just add me up on bbm 25E8C472   and  @wisdomcounselin

Thank You.

Osagie Alex (CPW)
…663…Apple never falls far from its tree…


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