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Poetic Musing.


Lemme share some lines and thoughts and hope I can tie them together to make sense before I finish typing.

1) If I die, I die – Esther.
2) When you get restless, you will achieve success – Isaac
3) …people perish/fail for lack of knowledge and information.

Your heart/ emotions//guts/ intuition knows what you want, and your head/ logic is supposed to think out the solution for you. However, most times your head will give 101 reasons why you can’t get what you want. Do you know why your head does that? It is simple, you can’t give what you don’t have. Your head will only supply you what you put into your head.

That is why ….people (perish or) remain on the same spot for a long time, because they fail to seek out the knowledge and information they need to move ahead. When you don’t feed your head with how to get what you want, the head picks out the stale stories/ experiences of past hurt, failures and disappointment and presents to you as fresh insight. So your decision on how to negotiate what you want is to whine, complain and beg.

Personally, I binge everyday, I do 2 or more YouTube Videos (you can inbox me for channels you ought to subscribe to), I do audio CDs in the car, and I read 1 or 2 chapters from 2 to 4 different books (the books range from marketing/ selling to idea generation to spiritual to motivation to autobiography). Then, I take 10 to 30 minutes to meditate and day dream, as well as, write in my journal.

How do you move ahead? This is also simple, allow the grace of restlessness is unsettle your mind, so you become uncomfortable with your comfort zone. When you are restless you will see the need to seek for what you don’t know but need to know so you can get what you want.

Quick question, if you have a money problem, what have you read or watched to solve it? What can you produce and sell to make money? How can you market what you are selling?

As a poet, do you have products to sell? Or lemme even ask you, what are your products? Who will buy them? How are you marketing them?

We can talk/chat one on one on the products poets can produce, how to market and sell it.

There is this saying that, no one wants to die, but we all want to go to heaven. How can you make heaven if you don’t die? In other words, How can you achieve anything if you don’t take risks? You can’t play it safe and expect to win big. When will you say “f*”k it” if I die, I die (pardon my French please)?
I know of people whose Yoruba names are called “Kokumo,” which means, “s/he won’t die again,” or “don’t die again.” Abeg when will “don’t die don’t die,” not die? We all will die someday, I hope and pray it is when we are old and ripe. But don’t let the fear of death or failure stop you from achieving what you want or desire. Go do the do, or like NIKE……just do it!!!

No pain, no gain.

Know pain, know gain.

Live life before life leaves you.


Olumide Holloway
aka King OLULU, who wants to fly first class to HONOLULU

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