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Poems by Te Lil


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I am a disgruntled old man
I look around and I see youths doing what youths do
My mouth forms, as though I was sucking on sour hard candy, a sad and angry look on my face
All this happened back in my day
I thought youths were supposed to learn from history
Alas my day wasn’t so long ago
My eyes cloudy and weary from what my selfishness had made it witness, foulest of action
Mind envisioned the most repugnant of acts
Now my eyes are too tired to react
Like a twisted joke by the infamous trickster
Reliving the same things over and over again through different eyes
My mind is too tired to care , mouth too heavy to advice
I can clearly see the end of their story
For their story was my story which was his story regarded as history
But never pondered upon because our generation knows better
But knowing better doesn’t avoid the path to the same outcome
I am a disgruntled old man in the body of a youth that is tired of being a youth that is tired of not listening
So I listened and I watched and I saw the mistakes of the past and present transcend to mistakes of future and my mouth formed
As though I was sucking on sour hard candy, a sad and angry face
And then I became a disgruntled old man


My best friend

I met the girl of my dreams
I’ve never dreamt of her, but the idea of her lingered in my subconscious
Racing circles around that small space between the tracks of my thoughts
She shouldn’t exist in this universe, the chaos will taint her beauty and bend her cause
She’s stronger than she looks
Covered in energies that make my energies want to make her energies shine further
I am just rambling now because I just meant the girl of my dreams and I’m nervous
I am broken, I am broken so bad the lights don’t work
You have to flush 3 times before i go down
I am vexing that way
But she knows, she told me herself with no judgement in her eyes
How does she do that
Effortless in all that is her and wise in all that is me yet clueless in all that is the world
I want to protect her but she’s stronger than she looks
She protects me
She said you’re are broken and your cracks are beautiful
Our minds intertwine and we take trips
Trips to places the world can’t follow us to
I tripped on her mind and she catches me , let’s me in her art
I’m not her muse, she isn’t mine either
I love her and she loves me but not in that way
In the way the universe covers us at night and gives us the most beautiful silent lullaby In the world
Who is she??
She’s the girl of my dreams
Even in my world of chaos
In my world of black and white
She is Grey


“Te Lil” <telil81@yahoo.com>

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