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Peter, my love…!!!


Let me tell you a story about my love Peter

One of my many followers on twitter.

Got me falling hopelessly with his love letter

Till we hit it off, 3rd year-1st semester

Needless to say the love grew sweeter

Graduated and served 3 years later

Thereafter signing the marriage register

With a cute daughter,

life couldn’t be better

Now Rita was the beautiful babysitter

With very heavily endowed “Man-chester”

Also a very talented pick-pocketer

Little did I know she was a man-eater

I should have listened to the stories from the street’s jobless carpenter

I should have suspected Peter’s constant stares at the newscaster

Or even his lustful stolen glances at the bar waiter

I should have expected to catch my man and Rita

Recklessly, merrily Rollin’rolls on my two-seater

Temperature almost shattering the thermometer

Only thing I could calculate was the perimeter

Between me and her broken bones which won’t heal even with plaster

And have me behind bars for manslaughter

Good thing common sense came up like a lighter

Remembering the crime movies seen at movie theatres

thinking no jail term,

no emotional roller-coaster

So I gave them a space of 40 kilometres

Now I’m blazing a packet of dorchester

Who would have thought I’d end up so bitter

Needless to say he’d be hearing from my barrister

Oh Peter, ma peter,

the hopeless cheater

Now I’m ready for a new chapter

Really hoping that my next epistle would be much brighter

With lots of reasons for loud banter and laughter

Cos I and I know I ain’t a quitter

To be continued……………………………………



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