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Permit me


Permit me to write an article we will term as poetry.

Permit me to be rhymeless as i write it, let me just explore my wits.

Permit me to coin words together,to experience writers’ block and get a bulldozer to demolish it.

Permit me to be another Rudy Francisco- infusing into my 2-way c.v of comedy and rap, another form of art-spoken words fiasco.

Permit me to break the beat for once,use no flow, punchline or wordplays.

Permit me to just write endlessly, seizelessly, breathelessly without thinking of the next line.

Permit me to complete an ode or sonnet without me…oops,I ran out of a verb.

Permit me to ask for yet another permission,a broader supervision of my intellect.


To just delve deep into an infinity of expression.

To just write like the professional amateur that i am.

To just talk less for the fear of hunger like my friend Moshood does in Ramadan.

To just not repeat the same first two words everytime i start the subsequent sentence.


I will just write rubbish on my facebook note and tag you .

Even though you may never read it and just snub it like the millions other notifications.

But never it be said that my entry into rhymeless poetry wasn’t known to you.

Whatever the outcome is,who cares? This is my desire,and its my own to do.

Oh! Permit me to drop my pen

‘cos i permit you to crucify me after reading this.

But the cross is ever mine to bear.



Funmo AdeFunmiloye Alani

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