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Perfect Picture || Domestic Violence || Spoken Word Poem


The intention of ‘Perfect Picture’ is to portray how looks can be deceiving especially in the context of domestic violence. If you are a victim of domestic abuse please speak up so that you can get the help you deserve. You are not in it alone, no one thinks less of you and if he has physically hurt you it is no longer a personal issues. It a state affair because it is against the law. Studies have revealed that victims of domestic abuse have a notorious habit of hiding their abuse for long periods of time until some serious damages have been done or in some unfortunate cases until it leads to death. Therefore reaching out to help in such situations can be like finding Wally or a needle in a haystack. This should nevertheless stop us from trying, because that victim can be anybody, it could be your sister, your friend, your cousin or your neighbour. Do not be deceived by the ‘Perfect Picture’ – look beyond. As a developed society we owe it to humanity to take this matter as though it is our personal responsibility. #VictimsSpeakNow#PeopleReachOut#SilencetheViolence!

Abuser: Stanley Ezenduka
Abusee: Florence Tucker
Counsellor: Princess Abiye
Friend: Amy Adekambi

Make up Artist: Pam Ayodele
Costume Designer: RSHampers http://instagram.com/rshampers

Poem by: Poet Amz https://www.instagram.com/poetamz/

Directed: Florence Tucker https://www.instagram.com/iflorencetu…

Visuals by: Louie FTA https://www.instagram.com/louiefta/

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