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People loving people


An end to the world as we know it
Peering into smiles, asking what the hell is the mind really showing
All teeth and no joy
All bliss and no peace
Just the cart before the horse
It’s just me or I but never us
It’s the end of the world as we know it
To write about a date that is certain
A journey for all, wondering who’s our captain
Being alive isn’t cheap
Even the dead will pay to creep

People loving people
A heart becoming feeble
I saw them on the stairs
They confirmed all that I feared
It is an affair
My words, my alarming tone, I hope I didn’t interfere
It was my business, the none
To denounce my beliefs and begone
Left to Hades to prove it isn’t myth
If he comes to life, they predicted I’ll be his meat
Sacrifice offered alive
Predator circling prey
When there is danger, evil disappears allows a tongue to pray
An end to the world as we know it

People loving people
Exceptions becoming rule
Sickly cells poring through blood
Genes defying types
Dreams are now bursting pipes
Fingers getting a bonus
In sixes and sevens,
What to do now,
When love is done and hate beckons
Marrying for love but getting stuck in a marriage
If the road is dual carriage
And pathways of tenderness becomes bush-walled by thorns
What scares us to turn
Who says we shouldn’t return to the gallery
What do you make of heaven fanning hell’s fury?

People hating people
Hatred of the kind that bears dimples
He loves a mark, excludes those without
He adores a tongue, declares only the best comes from the south
Love brewed in the pot of exclusion
They both made ablutions
But one will perish the other, without feeling a need for absolution
It is hatred, it is love
The world isn’t what the books painted
Love isn’t true when there’s nothing to abhor
Faith hinging on the weakness of others
Love your brothers, but hate the others
People hating people
It is night, if kin says so
It is time the exiled comes home
To the truth tongues won’t present to voice
To rid ourselves of forced choices
To leave to the dust, the shelves for home
To realize that happiness can be found even when alone
That cliché become tricks, if everyone obeys
And we all become angels and demons with mere words off a phrase
Values seem to head into battles unharmed
In a world mired in an arms race

People killing people
Chambers made of gas
Colors making class
Prejudice makes poison
Poison is a drink made for concentration camps
Remember that place, kids are dumped during the day to learn
Where boys become men, to be decorated in gowns and be given paper with stamps

People needing people
Conscience pricking needle
A world stuck in reverse
Sees fashion in a horse posing behind a cart
And nothing wrong in selfies for eyes troubled by cataract
An eye for an eye makes the world blind
By giving your heart to someone, there’s a chance you might lose your mind
Don’t ask a soul stuck in rewind to move forward
Don’t ever ask a saint for the keys to his cupboard…

Akeem Adetayo Oyalowo

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