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Where is peace?

She is outside with her piece

Unhappy is the one written in her mind

She seeks for tranquil trailing from behind



Just took a long walk like Jill scott

A million voices throbbing her stillness, piecing the dots

Seeking for satisfying freedom from enraged contention

A bone that has clogged her throat stable with obsession



Screams, begging beastly brother violence

For a treaty that ends a war, an absolute credence

She preaches peaceful proverbs properly positioning purpose

Her echoing still small voice beckons all who blew her trombones



Dies to walk these streets with feet bare

Tying strings from the north to the entire Nigerian sphere

She summons strong figures of speech to placate the repulsive gods

Whose grey horses has refused to drink from the pool with tender drops



She cries daily in our blasts-ridden streets

When thousands unfed are silenced with death’s defeat

She wishes to be to be the pawn drawn by the paws of full resilience

Her vision is still bright in the darkness of calamity; relentless



She frees your mind from backstabbing relics

Her presence clears the ominous dark sky in hysterics

The absence of her cannot mean war; she is no whore riding on the feeble

So, many who hold her hands on this road will feel her absolute piercing like a needle



© Neofloetry, 2015.


  1. this is a poem I wrote and was wondering if you could give me some input on what you think of it please be honest k thanks

    My Silence Is Broken

    I was half way to silence when I stopped in my tracks.
    I looked around and all I could see was a cold dark
    ground staring up at me.
    I stood there and wondered as lost as I was,
    Would I be found? Would I be free?
    When suddenly out of the darkness there came a
    straggly ole horse with not much of a mane.
    I tried as I could and knew that I should try to
    reach out and slow her down,
    For she came out of the hills with barely a sound.
    I finally got her slowed to a walk
    and this is when I started to talk.
    I said ole gal, What’s happening here?
    I’m lost and alone and all that is real is all that I fear.
    My silence is broken

    I was half way to silence when we rounded the bend.
    I swore I could see it, the steeple, the inn.
    I was lost and confused, I was lonely and blue.
    So I stopped again and wondered, What should I do?
    I said to that ole horse, Which way do we go?
    Do you know? Can you help me? Please tell me it’s so.
    I looked to the left and then to the right,
    I was oh so ready to give up the fight.
    When suddenly I knew what had to be done.
    I stopped and thought, maybe I should run.
    I’ll stop and ask her again,
    Can ya help me ole gal? Can you help an ole friend?
    The pain I am suffering I felt I could shout.
    She lifted her head as though she knew what I was talking about.
    My silence is broken

    I was half way to silence when I looked up ahead.
    I saw a sign and this is what it read,
    This way to music, laughter and such.
    I thought to myself, This is way to much.
    If only I knew the words to the song.
    Suddenly that ole horse, she nudged me along.
    If only I could get her to listen to me.
    But then, Would I be set free?
    I whispered real softly upon her ear.
    I drew myself closer so I knew she would hear.
    I said ole gal lets walk this way.
    For along this path I came today.
    But now I try to find my way back.
    But the path is dark, its oh so black.
    My silence is broken

    I was half way to silence it seemed so gloom.
    I tried to cheer up by humming a tune.
    She walked the way I asker her too.
    Never questioned my thoughts or what she should do.
    I was scared alright, plum out of my shoes,
    so I leaned upon her as we began to move.
    Not knowing for sure where I belonged,
    my humming got louder as I recalled the song.
    I looked left and right then started to sway.
    I was so confused, Which way? Which way?
    So I looked to that horse, for surely she knew.
    I needed to know so I didn’t feel so blue.
    Surely the ole gal knew which way to go.
    Was she going to lead me? Would she know?
    My silence is broken

    This is how my silence’s been broken,
    For I owe that ole horse my heart felt token.
    As I found my way out of my dream,
    I sometimes wonder if I should scream,
    All dreams end and become our past.
    This my friend is how I know it don’t last.
    So speak up now so all can hear.
    Don’t be in silence throughout the whole year.
    Speak up now so that you are heard.
    Don’t stop and talk with a wee little bird.
    The end is near for me this way.
    All that is left is all I can say.
    I’m no longer half way to silence,
    For my silence is broken.

    By Kathy L Glover 2-11-2015
    Copyright February 2015

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