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Using Crocodiles to understand SWOT Analysis by Olumide Holloway


The only lesson a young Lion is taught is how to dominate. It fears no one and dares everyone. The tallest, biggest, and smallest animals are all prey in the eyes of the Lion.

However, one beast which has dared the Lion and lived to tell the tale and yet to be (officially) killed by the Lion is the Crocodile, specifically, the Nile Crocodile.

Let’s mention two key things about the Crocodile: the biggest Crocodile (in captivity) mouth to tail, was measured at 20 feet 3 inches. But it’s not the size that is even special about the Crocodile….

The two key things which are also the Crocodile’s strengths are the natural Body Armour on it’s back and it has one of the most powerful bite force in the world.

I have watched, (ok, ok, na for TV Sha), four Lions battle one Crocodile and their bites failed to penetrate the back of the Crocodile. The Crocodile escaped into deep waters unharmed. In India, a Tiger lost one of its canine tooth in a battle with a Crocodile.

(Quickie: The Lion is not the biggest cat, the Tiger is bigger and more muscular than the Lion).

If a Crocodile bites you, there are only two ways of escape. One, by God’s grace, which is that it turns into a vegetarian and releases you, and two, by God’s grace, but you give it your detachable limb already in its mouth as a gift. 

The Crocodile mainly hunts in the water, so one of it’s virtue is patience. It waits for the prey to come to it and then strikes with speed to grab a part of it.

One other thing about the Crocodile, it is attitude, that’s it is aggressive aka never back down (well, except it’s a matured Hippopotamus). It fears no animal and dares almost all animals.

The opportunity it uses to maximize its strength is that all animals must drink water, so you come to it. It does not need to chase you. So how do you make people come to you? You know this saying that, you can force a horse to the river/ water, but you can’t force it to drink. Well, you job is not to force the horse to do anything, you job is to…….make the horse thirsty, and it will naturally go to the water/ river to drink. So how do you make people thirsty for your services? Why do you think they serve you ground nut for free at bars and joints? The more ground nut you take, the more beer you drink.

Like the Crocodile, find a way to make people come to you and once they do, apply your bite force to haul them in all the way. But make sure you have Body Armour (aka competitive advantage) to withstand the intrusion of Competitors aka Lions.

Outside water, the Crocodile is “somewhat” vulnerable, except it is going for a dead animal, seeking another river or basking in the sun, it does not leave the water. On land, it can’t outrun any animal except maybe the tortoise, so it has learnt not to run, but to wait aka patience. So sometimes, it stays hungry for days while waiting. Can you wait? How long can you wait? Learn to be patient, bid your time, don’t lunge for your prey too soon.

I think I can stop here for today.

Lemme know if you think we should talk about the Hippo.


King Olulu, not from Zulu (aka Olumide Holloway)

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