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Part Two: The Untold Story of Uriah the Hittite


(About 30 years earlier)

“Hey Uriah, no farm today?”

He looked to his right and saw Inarahsu and Daraksu walking towards him. They were twin brothers and the sons of one of the richest merchant in their village.

“No, no farm today,” he replied, looking at Inarahsu as the twins stopped in front of him.

“Why? Don’t you want to be a farmer like your father?” Asked Daraksu.

“I don’t want to be a farmer.”

“But your father is a farmer, you will probably end up a farmer,” insisted Inarahsu.

“No,” responded Uriah sternly.

The boys looked at him strangely.

“Why don’t you want to be a farmer?”

“I’ve not seen myself as a farmer in my dreams.”

One of the boys laughed and said, “so you think you are now like Joseph the dreamer because your papa give you Hebrew name. No deceive yourself, you be Hittie not an Hebrew.”

Daraksu added, “I can’t wait to see your papa’s face when you tell him you don’t want to be a farmer.”

Uriah looked at them and said slowly, “someday you will hear and see my greatness.”

The 2 boys looked at each other and then laughed so hard, they fell over rolling on the floor.

Uriah walked away from them, he knew he wanted more than this life of being a farmer. He just was not sure what else he would do.

Uriah was the 3rd boy out of 5 children. He had two elder brothers and two younger sisters. It was less than two years age difference between each of the children.

His father had a farm and his two brothers were already working with his father, as well as, developing their own farm. It was expected that Uriah would also start on his own farm once he reached the age of 18. For now, he was mainly in charge of the two Cows that lived in their home.

‘You are back early,” his mother remarked as he stormed into the common room.

“I don’t want to be a farmer,” he replied with teeth clenched.

She turned and looked at him. She them moved close to him and hugged him. At five feet 9 inches, he was the shortest male in the family but he was still taller than his mother.

She held him close and said softly, “when the voice of greatness calls you, be unafraid to answer.” She drew back, smiled and said aloud, “now go milk the Cows else you no go chop tonight.”

He smiled back and went to milk the cows.

To be continued….

Written by King Olulu
Inspired by Uriah the Hittie

Twitter @olulu4ever, Instagram @olulutheking, olulu4ever@gmail.com, +2348025070892

This is an exciting and captivating fictional account of the events leading to the death of Uriah the Hittite on the battle field.

This book also provides an interesting account of his past, especially his relationship with Bathsheba, and his friendship with Joab.

This book is based on 2 Samuel 11.

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