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Part Two – Storytelling the Book of Proverbs


She: Quitting your job was a bad decision; this crisis of COVID-19 has now made it worse. We are heading for rock bottom.

He: Rock bottom? Is that not a good place to start?

She: How is that one a good place to start?

He: At rock bottom, we can sink no further and that forms a good foundation to build on.

She: You don turn philosopher, abi? I am tempted to say my husband has gone mad o!!!

He: Oya come, let’s reason together, what are the facts? What are the options?

She: Fact is that we are broke, so broke we can’t even compare ourselves to church rats. Cos with churches now on lockdown, the rats have “ported” to greener pastures.

He: What are the options?

She: I no know o, you tell me.

He: R.T.I.A.C.L.S.S

She: What is this one now? Your kolo don dey mature o!

He: Receive, treasure, incline, apply, cry out, lift up, seek and search for.

She: I am still waiting for the sense in all this your nonsense.

He: Let me put it this way, what do we want? Why do we want it? How bad do we want it?

She: We want money na, abi what else?

He: What brings money? What is the principal thing?

She: Yes, I know wisdom is the principal thing, but do you know the address of the University of Wisdom or where is the College of Education for Wisdom located?

He: R.T.I.A.C.L.S.S

She: If you don’t start making sense I will tell my father to return the dowry to you.

He: If we know wisdom is the principal thing and we truly desire it, then we simply seek out the wise ones physically and through their books. After all, he who walks with the wise will be wise, and a wise King once said that if we:–

1. Receive his words
2. Treasure his commands
3. Incline our ears to wisdom
4. Apply our heart to understanding
5. Cry out for discernment
6. Lift up our voice for understanding
7. Seek her (wisdom) as silver
8. Search for her as for hidden treasures

Then Lady Wisdom will be our close friend, brother knowledge will be our pleasant companion, good sense will scout ahead for danger and insight will keep an eye out for us.

She: Hmmm.

He: The fact is we are at rock bottom, but as I said earlier the rock bottom is a good place to start. And since we have options, let’s exercise them.

She: Hmmm

He: Can you trust me enough for us to try these options together?

She: Well, my father would have spent the dowry by now, so I am stuck with you. Besides, I need to stick around and ensure this “Lady Wisdom” is not a lady that her parent named Wisdom.

He: Nah, this wisdom is no physical woman.

She: I believe you, but I am also here to ensure it stays that way.

THE END (at least for now)

Written by: King Olulu, not from Zulu.
Inspired by: King Solomon, not from Naija.
Source Code: Proverbs Two

Twitter @olulu4ever | Instagram @olulutheking |olulu4ever@gmail.com | +2348025070892


The book uses storytelling to expatiate on some key principles that are in Chapters 1 to 15 of the Book of Proverbs (in the Holy Bible).

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