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Using Hippopotamuses to understand SWOT Analysis by Olumide Holloway

Hippo's mouth open in the water.

It’s time to talk about the Hippo.

I find the Hippo interesting and worth studying cos of 3 (or more) things, which makes up it’s SWOT.

Of the three animals I mentioned, the Hippo is the only non flesh eating among them. Yet it is has the weaponery of a flesh eater (this is my opinion) based on the following:

The Hippo have large teeth, the lower canines and lower incisors are enlarged especially in males and grow continuously.

The incisors can reach 1ft 4 inches, while the canine reach 1ft 8 inches. The canine are kept sharpened by constant vertical wear against the shorter upper canines. So no dulling, the canines are sharper than a samurai’s sword.

Hippos can open their mouth to a massive 4 feet wide which is capable of biting a 10 foot Crocodile in half as well as a small boat. 

Hippos are aggressive and are considered very dangerous. Unfortunately, their young ones fall victim to adult Hippos temper. Does that ring your bell? Aka lack of Anger management or incapable of emotional control.

The inability of controlling your emotions can and will ruin your life if left unchecked. To limit or eliminate this weakness, you need to be emotional intelligent, which is the ability to make your emotions work for you and not against you.

If you can’t control your emotions, you can’t control anything. Like the Hippo, you will end up destroying those you love the most. Emotions are not limited to anger o!!!
It can be list, greed, envy, jealousy, low self esteem, etc. So (I repeat) detect your weaknesses and deal with it, before your enemies (aka Competitors) detect it and deal with you.

Hippos are social beasts, hanging out in groups consisting 10 or more members, including females and males, which is usually led by a dominant male. The dominant male attain such status by winning in combat against other males. In most cases, it’s the dominant male that has the (first and sole) right to mate with females.

Being in a community is key, but learn to dominate your space. If you can’t dominate (your area of expertise) you will always be submissive. And if you show ambition without the necessary knowledge, skill, wisdom and understanding, you can end up being forced out. No man is an island, for Life is Life with other.

Let’s go back to the Hippo’s canines. Remember that the lower canines are daily sharpened by wear against the upper teeth, so its weapons are ever ready for battle. What are your weapons (aka skills)? What do you do daily to update your skills? What do you do daily that keeps you top of mind (as regards customers, sponsors, investors etc)?

The only Hippo that gets (killed and) eaten easily by Lions, Hyenas and Crocodiles are young Hippos and dead Hippos. No predator dares an herd of Hippos and live to tell the tale. Remember what I said about community, there is strength in numbers.

Hippos spend 16 hours in water and can stay submerged for 5 minutes or more. They don’t swim, they paddle on the river bed with their legs. They are herbivores so they go on land for food. If isolated on land, a pride of Lions can get lucky and take down one Hippo. But isolated or not, no predator hunts a matured Hippo in water.

So in closing, don’t get isolated, stay in your area of expertise.

Dominate, dominate, dominate, don’t compete!!!

Sharpen your teeth, I mean, your skills daily.
Don’t be controlled by your emotions, but control your emotions.

Earn the right to mate, I mean, to lead. (Don’t get an erection if you are not the dominant male 🤣🤣🤣).

Live life, before life leaves you.

Thank you, I’m out.

King Olulu, not from Zulu (aka Olumide Holloway).

{Only Lions can kill Hyenas and only Hyenas can dare Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs etc and successfully steal their food.
Do you want Hyenas next???}

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