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Part Six: The Untold Story of Uriah the Hittite


(About three years earlier)

“What is thy name me fair lady?”

“Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam,” she replied.

“Thou art indeed beautiful to behold.”

“You flatter me my Lord.”

“Call me Uriah.”

They were at a party that was held in King David’s palace. The party was usually held after a great victory against an enemy of Israel.

So it was a party that had high ranking military officers, their wives and children, as well as, merchants and VIPs of the country.

Uriah’s eyes had stayed on her all night and she noticed and liked the attention. So when the singing and dancing started, she had stepped outside for fresh air. As expected, he had followed her.

“No my Lord, I have heard and fed on stories of your great exploits with my father and King David from when I was little. You are indeed a great man,” Bathsheba said.

“Now you flatter me,” Uriah said with a smile.

“No my Lord, you are indeed a great man.”

“Then if I may be so bold to ask. Would you like to be closely associated with me?”

“How do you mean my Lord?”

“Like 5 and 6, you will be the yin to my yang.”

“My Lord, I seems not to understand you.”

“You will be the Jada to my Will, so I can be your baby boy like Jay Z is to Beyoncé.”

“You amuse me my Lord, with your words and flows. Many ladies would love to hear this.”

“But not many ladies get to hear this. Only one has heard it and the one is you.”

“But of all the lovely ladies living in this territory, why me my Lord?”

“We love who we love, but we often don’t get to decide who we fall in love with.”

“You speak with honey on your tongue my Lord. How can I refuse you?” Bathsheba asked with a smile.

“To refuse is to stab me through the heart with a sword.”

“I wish to do no such thing my Lord.”

“You are my left ventricle; I cannot live life without you.”

“You leave me with little choice my Lord.”

“So what says thee my Lady?”

“Perhaps my Lord will exercise a little patience for me to think about it.”

“Is there another in thy heart my Lady?”

“No my Lord, none so far have asked me to be the yin to his yang.”

“So when should I expect an answer?”

“Tomorrow by this time, you will have my answer.”

To be continued or THE END??? 😁😁😁
(I do hope you enjoyed the series).

Written by King Olulu
Inspired by Uriah the Hittie

Twitter @olulu4ever, Instagram @olulutheking, olulu4ever@gmail.com, +2348025070892

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