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Part Five: The Untold Story of Uriah the Hittite


“The King’s man, you are doing well. Na only you waka go see King, I want to be like you when I grow up,” hailed Eliam.

After the early morning strategy meeting, Eliam dressed up for battle and mounted his horse to join the march to the battlefield. When he saw Uriah was riding alone, he brought his horse to move side by side with Uriah’s horse.

Uriah turned and smiled at Eliam. “My father in law, no be God,” replied Uriah.

“Why call me father in law? You want people to think I’m an old man? You wey old pass Methuselah,” joked Eliam.

They laughed.

“Today will surely be a great day and a great victory for us,” stated Eliam.

“If God be for us, none can stand against us,” said Uriah.

“May God be for us and fight for us like He has done in past victories.”

“Amen and amen.”

They rode in silence for a while. Then Eliam said, “I noticed you have been unusually quiet since your return from the city. I hope all is well,” said Eliam.

“All is well my father in law, all is well,” replied Uriah.

“But really, what’s on your mind? How is my daughter your wife?”

“She is fine, I did not go to see her when I went to see King David.”

“I understand that. But is she with child or what else has got you quiet like this.”

“I know not if she is yet with Child. But if she was, she would have sent word to me earlier.”




“If I die… .”

“You will not die.”

“I know, but if I die.”

“I will hear no such talk from you. You will fight, survive and live to go back to your wife and be a father to your children. Do you understand me soldier? Eliam said harshly.

“I do,” replied Uriah quietly.

“Good, I will entertain no such talk from my son in law, ” said Eliam and lightly punched Uriah’s ribs.

Uriah smiled at him.

Eliam added, “let me share a joke.”

“I’m all ears.”

“What do you call a flower that your son gives to you?”

“Pray tell.”

“A Son Flower.”

Uriah laughed out loud.

“If the King’s bodyguard saves a Lion cub from death, what does that make him?” Eliam asked.
“A hero,” replied Uriah.

“No, a Lion Guard.”

Uriah laughed again and said, “you are Josh too funny, please don’t leave me.”

As Eliam continued his jokes, Uriah’s mind wandered to the first day he had seen Bathsheba.

To be continued.

Written by King Olulu
Inspired by Uriah the Hittie

Twitter @olulu4ever, Instagram @olulutheking, olulu4ever@gmail.com, +2348025070892

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