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Part 6: An Entrepreneur’s diary of Being Broke and in Debt.


“All enemies blocking my breakthrough…die…die…die…”

This is not a bad prayer.

But what if the trouble was customized for you and ordered by God?

What if what I’m going through has nothing to do with enemies?

Yes, God does not do bad things. But like “Job,” He can allow it.

That’s why I find the Parable of the Paralyzed Man carried by his friends very instructive.

Truth be told, the Bible is the best Business book in the world. You just have to learn to read and see beyond the words.

Each and every time I read the story of the paralyzed man, all I see is the journey of an entrepreneur. I could, should and would write a book about it. Just wait small make I hammer.

The Parable mentioned above has everything that an entrepreneur goes through.

The paralyzed man is the guy with the vision (to get healed).

His carriers/ friends are the co-founders aka partners. But the best description for them is “burden bearers.” They probably don’t need healing. But they bought into the vision of the paralyzed man and decided to help him actualise it.

Who is Jesus in the story?

He is the sponsor, the Angel investor, the financier, the fund provider, the money bag, the bank etc.

The house is the the marketplace.

What about the people in the house?

They are the competition. Some of them need healing, some don’t and a few are just there to criticize and distract (aka Lastma, VIO, Local Government officials, politicians etc). Also, I can further divide them into the concepts of market share and pocket share (I’m sure you know about these terms).

Because of the people in the house, entry to market has obstacles. Or should we say, access to funds is cluttered.

So what do you do?

You have to take risks.

Have you ever tried climbing up a ladder with one hand and carrying something heavy in the other hand?

Climbing up the ladder is like the risks involved in business. One of the burden beavers could fall and break a leg, one of them could pull out due to the risks involved, or worse still, the paralyzed man could fall off and die.

The ladder can be likened to your money aka savings or borrowed funds.

How bad do you want it?

If not bad enough, you won’t climb the ladder aka you won’t risk your money. So you will play it safe.

What about breaking the roof?

It’s not their house. So that one na gbese aka expenses or even debt incurred.

Also, going down into the house through the room was risky. However, it was less risky, and you know by now that it must be the people in the house (i.e. the competition aka market forces) that pushed him in front of the Angel investor.

The healing nko? That’s easy. It’s like getting that N10m or N100m or $ 1m investment for your business.

Don’t forget the broken roof o. The thing would still need to be fixed. All outstanding expenses and debts would need to be paid.

What’s my first key take away from the Parable?

If and when you have burden bearers, even if just one (e.g. wife, friend, website manager etc), you no too get problem. The main issue would be how to get up to the roof and down into the house. I’m grateful to all my burden bearers (especially my wifey aka me sweet potato). Where would I be without them?

What’s my second key takeaway?

Whatever you do, ensure you get that ladder, get on the roof and break that roof.

Breaking the roof is getting the attention you need.

It’s getting known for something (even if controversial. No, I don’t mean like bobrisky o).

It’s getting the trust that activates the investment.

In summary:  Be seen, be known, be trusted.


Written by Olumide Holloway (King Olulu)

Twitter @olulu4ever, Instagram @olulutheking, olulu4ever@gmail.com, +2348025070892

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