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Part 3 of 3: The judges for War Of Words Season 7 (Nigeria’s foremost Slam Poetry Competition)


Atilola Moronfolu is a multi-faceted entrepreneur. She is a Writer, Editor, spoken word artist, cosmetic scientist and trichology practitioner amongst other things. She also edits books for fellow writers and bloggers and gets them ready for publishing.


Having had the opportunity to perform in and outside Nigeria at various events, she is one of the visible faces of Spoken Word in this generation today. She has performed for the United Nations at the UNAIDS PCB Thematic Segment in Geneva, and was a semi-finalist in the first Rio International poetry slam, FLUPP Festival, Rio de Janerio, Brazil, having scored the highest in the whole competition. She is the convener of Rhyme and Reason Concert, the only rap and spoken word evebr in Nigeria, which has hosted an audience of over 2000. She has appeared on stage with international Rap and Spoken Word Artists such as Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Ezekiel and Janette…ikz of P4CM. 


She has also performed at popular spoken word events like Word Up, Unchained voices, Chill and Relax, Freedom Park, Metro FM Open Mic, etc. She reads at various literary events in Nigeria. She also trains teenagers in Spoken Word Poetry, and is the current Spoken Word tutor at House on the Rock Teens Church. Her students have gone ahead to win several competitions across the country, including War of Words (Season 1 and 5) and God’s Children Great Talent (GCGT), and have become professional Spoken Word Artists. In 2017, she started SWAY (Spoken Word Academy for Youths), the first spoken word school in Nigeria.

She has also been featured on several Television and Radio interviews to talk about the Spoken Word movement in Nigeria. Transiting from consulting into the literary world, she has made giant strides in a very short period. She is an author of two books and more to come.


Ola Opesan

Ola Opesan is the Executive Director (Academic Affairs) at Meadow Hall. A seasoned Mathematician and Educationist whose passion for learning stems from a natural curiosity and insatiable appetite for new academia.

His first job in education was as a Teacher of Maths. He soon progressed to become Head of Maths and an Assistant Headteacher in London. He returned to Nigeria as the pioneer Principal of Meadow Hall College. In addition to working as an education consultant, Mr Opesan also served as the CEO of AISEN in 2014.

Ola Opesan has had the privilege to share knowledge in several institutions, such as Cambridge University, Greenwich University, Meadow Hall, Oxbridge Tutorial College, Greensprings and Day Waterman College. He is a published author and his most recent book is titled, N101: Nigeria in 101 Headlines, which is a centenary book for Nigeria published in 2015. Also, he is a keen sportsman and the father of two wonderful children – currently at university.


Orode Uwawah

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Orode has been involved in a passionate relationship with words since her early childhood. Over the years, this relationship has blossomed into a love for stories and poetry.

Her poetry pieces are uplifting, therapeutic and inspirational, covering different life issues. With her poems, she aims to delight and spread light. A Theatre Arts graduate, an MBA holder, a marketing & communications specialist, and a life explorer, she loves exploring and experiencing life – then writing about it.

A creative thinker and a realistic ‘doer’, with excellent teamwork skills.
International award-winning marcom professional, experie

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She is a Copywriter by day, blogger by night, foodie round the clock. Founder of untothematter.com and several other pet projects.

Twitter/Facebook: @Orodelight
Instagram: @Orodelight_ YouTube: @Orodelight Email: debbywealth@yahoo.com




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