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Part 1 of 3: The judges for War Of Words Season 7 (Nigeria’s foremost Slam Poetry Competition)


Chisom Ohuaka is the convener of Loudthotz Poetry Open Reading (LPOR). 

Loudthotz Poetry Open Reading (LPOR) is the home of the most Interesting poets in Nigeria. It is the only poetry-reading-only platform in Nigeria. Loudthotz was formed 10 years ago then known as IPAN Independent Poets Association of Nigeria to liberate “closet” poets and encourage reading and writing culture in Nigeria. It is a known fact that a lot of people write poems and hide it under the pillow or bed and no one ever sees those beautiful lines and thoughts. So In comes LPOR to set the stage where these lines and “thot” can be celebrated.

During our readings, widely read mentors from Jesuit priests to pastors, lawyers, educators, biologists and a host of other humans in varied professions educate and mentor poets on how to write better and read better. Some outstanding poets in Nigeria read their first poem at Loudthotz. Image may contain: Chisom Ohuaka, standing

With the backing of over 40 constant poets who read every second Thursday of every month and several thousands online Loudthotz compiles all the poems read in a year and publish them in an anthology called First Gong and now we have 9 of these anthologies with over a thousand poems written by Nigerians for the world.

www.loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com, twitter:@loudthotz, IG: @openpoetryreading



Iquo DianaAbasi

Iquo is a Writer and Performance poet who renders her words to the accompaniment of Ibibio folklore, sometimes embellished with traditional drums, flute and /or strings.

Her first collection of poems; Symphony of Becoming, was published in 2013 and was shortlisted for the NLNG Nigeria Prize for Literature, and the Association of Nigerian Authors Poetry prize that same year.  

As a Poet, she has performed on various platforms including:

The Big60 Cultural Exchange, Lagos International Poetry Festival, Ake Arts and Book Festival, Wole Soyinka @ 80, The Lagos Black Heritage Festival, The Macmillan Literary night, PLAY Poetry Festival, Word slam, to name a few.

She also finds creative expression in writing scripts for radio and screen.

She is an alumnus of Fidelity Bank’s International Creative Writing Workshop.

In 2013, she was writer in residence at the Ebedi International Writers Residency.

Iquo’s Prose and poetry is rich in imagery and explores depths of experiences encompassing the realities of Social consciousness, Pain, Passion, Womanhood and indeed the trials of the griots of this age. She believes strongly in a continuous struggle for the betterment of her generation and nation.

Her writings have been published in anthologies, magazines and newspapers, and can be found online at Africainwords, Kalahari review, Saraba magazine, ANA Review and Olisa.tv.

Iquo resides in Lagos where she has just completed work on a Novel, as well as a collection of short fiction, and is writing a second volume of poetry.


Benny Finisher is art. He performs, creates and directs art. Always finding better and more creative approach to art.*
*As a prolific wordsmith, Mr. Finisher’s word play intrigues, excites and woos his listeners and readers at every level. He combines other forms of art in the delivery of his poetry pieces.*

Benny Finisher


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