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Pain is an instruction


Pain is an instruction. The instruction is often simple: stop and adjust or change (style, technique, plan) and endure.

I find the parable of the paralyzed man carried by 4 men (aka business partners) very instructive.

An Angel Investor (aka Healer named Jesus) was in town, but the ease of access was crowded and hard to get through.

Pain (aka debt, failure, bankruptcy) was already evident. The business partners had just two options, stop and go back or change and endure.

They went with option B, i.e. if we can’t go through the door, we will go through the roof. Here is my business lesson 1: Do Different.

Climbing up to the roof by yourself is hard enough, now imagine climbing with one hard and holding a stretcher with the other. Lesson 2: Life is a risk, embrace it.

The men broke through the roof and put the “dream carrier” in front of the panel.

To paraphrase in me own words:

When the Angel Investor saw their passion/ commitment, He invested in them despite the objection of the “thought leaders” around him. Lesson 3 and 4: Passion is a verb, act it. But don’t be passionate in isolation, visibility is key.

Are you in “pain”?

Perhaps I can show you the roof, provide the ladder and help you get in front of the “panel.”

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