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Overdose on hope


Overdose on hope

I confess to Pope

I don’t ask for bicycles, when I talk to God

Forgive me, Lord!

To drive home the point, hijacked a bus

“Sir, where are you taking us?”

Trouble’s attention is sought

No silver lining in my cloud of thought

Land mines in mind: sparks from plugs

To answer the question planted a slug.

Overdose on hope

Without hooks and ropes

Suddenly, got the idea his soul is lit

So, pilot bungee jumps from the cockpit

Seems, He is trying to swallow spit

With his throat slit

I am in my zone

With my legion of zombies

Way up Forbes list

Holding on with clenched fist

Overdose on hope

Waiting down the slope

In pews of cornrows are flocks

Of birdies with locks

Of dread, hammer head slunk

In pants commands respect: punk

Likes to keep his little ducks in check

So he deals his cards from below the deck

Bishop, Umpire, took the hint, outfox the fox,

A gambit: he pulled a rabbit out the box.

Overdose on hope

Like it’s some stash of dope

Opinions sway both ways: seesaw

But I’ve got a glass jaw,

I can’t sling rocks

From holes in my socks

Tiny toes on my feet talk

White power: dot: nose tip, Chalk?

Do we need ‘i’s to cross these “t’s”?

I don’t floss, brother, I cut my teeth

Overdose on hope

Now it’s not hard to cope

Yes, things are looking up

Cupid like a cup

If anything pops or drops,

Flip flap floors: flip-flops

Then that should be jaws

Cos, it was us they saw

In a Porsche, of-course not a bus

Is this POE- ‘eM? Ouch! Windpipe bursts.

Overdose on hope

Guess, this is within our scope

He says, “Philo, Philo…”

“You’ve got my heart you know”

Yes, He leads her on

“…Keeps the deuces up, Son!

There is no C in love…”

So, he use no glove

On his knees he plows

On her back she howls.


Adeoya Ajibola

Source: http://loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com.ng/

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