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One is single,
And unlike Two, its not double.
Two needs two to be compatible
But one makes Two become one
Just like jesus making billions of souls
A church;Bride to him the One-Groom.
Two needs double equal to become two Less there be a part and a half-apart.
Yet there’s One that makes imperfects
Whole again and in him two becomes One indivisible piece and not pair.

One has no pair
No part nor counterpart
Yet ironically One is WE US OURS
And not I ME MINE;
That is Two impersonating One as one.
One is a giver,saver,lover and
A brother and not a bother nor border.
One prays for Two to become One
Two preys on One too;to be apart.

One communicates with eyes clocked
Attaining bonding of souls with
Listening ears as One speak as One
And in One with One’s language-Love,
From the family of Truth and the tribe
Of commitment and dedication;see,
One heals sir,he embraces the burden
Of Two,in tens of thousands like the One hanging on the cross of calvary
So me you we us all will no longer Become Two apart but One with his
Father,the greatest act of adoption
Heir and joint heir to the throne
Placed above angels,and so mindful
Of us as One to the envy of satan,
Called us salts,lambs,sheep,and in this
Dark world!?,he called us with heart Full delight;The Light of the world,
Sons of the Son shinning like the sun.

See dear One,
Even as the One above is yet to let
Me hold fast to you as One according
To not just His good,acceptable but
Perfect will,I hope you find peace
Knowing that I’ve been committed by
Grace and faith to consciously workout
In spirit so the outcome will make
Me an equal piece to make Us One,
And as I not ‘Tomo’,but One-Morrow make a Journey to togetherness,I pray I
Find you in the estate of proverbs
Lane 31 flat 10 cos presently, am an
Enrolled pupil of 1 Corinth 13
Hoping to graduate a grown man.
I Love You One,
Even maybe not having met you,
I’ll patiently wait like a lonely wife Craving for the warmth embrace
Of her husband’s return from the
Battle field to say ‘YES I DO’,
That key to bond as


D-Ray Elom Itima

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