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Once Beautiful…


Burdened, heavy, hurting

A heart in search of needed escape from present pain

Frightful, folks’ love could not helpful be

Inner comforts more appealing

Unknowingly drawing gloom

On this beautiful creature so graceful, so full of life.


Then, the unexpected kind words so reassuring

An embrace of strong arms, strength long sought

Breath-taking smiles never fading

Eyes  full of warmth, beckoning

Appeasing: do let go, please?


Confidence gained

Freedom explored oblivious of range

Horizon widened, feelings unleashed

Too expectant, realising late

It was . . . a mirage!


A lightening recoil

Burrowing back, deeper

Into a shelter of welcome pain

Gradually building walls no usurpation can defeat

Imaginary bars so comforting

A numbing realization of

Love, so hopeless




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