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Bustling point
And major link
In our metropolis.
Sprawling bus-stop
Straddled by a fly-over
Torn between four ends
Perched by vehicles
Gorging humans
Expelled from variant abodes
Driven by
Work, trade and bread

Home of
The sickly destitute and vagrant
Resting on bare floors
Roofed by the belly
Of the fly-over,
Defecating near their headrests
Urinating at their feet ends.
Walled with steel bars
The transparent ‘bode
Also shelters yellow buses
Of ailing engines
And battered bodies: sardine packed

For raucous noise
A cacophonic orchestra
Belching from the bellies of
Conductors and Agbero
Also from the buses
Purring and coughing
Jostling for space
With commuters and Okada.
Rumbles from tyres overhead
Squeals and screeches
From those below
Loud speakers blaring
Gospels, trado and western
Honks from cars
And curses
Blend into symphony:
An avalanche assaulting
Ear canals.
An array of sights, scenes and visuals
Never captured in a picture.
Diverse attires parade the road
As shops, boutiques, banks and business centers
All attend to those of
Taste and décor
And to the wily and sleazy

A melting pot of humanity
Metal tester of current affairs
Rioters’ haven
Traffic wardens’ hell
A policeman’s stress
Planners’ headache
Tax collectors’ beat
The sensitive’s squalor
The callused parlor
Commuters’ delight
Residents’ nightmare
Beggars’ Xanadu
A sanitary disaster
Valley of pungency
Tin pot of noise
Ground for earnest feet
At night a market:
Illuminati of dotted wares.
An ally with Oshodi, Idumota and Mile 2
Conglomerate of routes.


Adeolu Talabi


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