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51541043 - cheering hiking woman open arms to the sunrise stand at seaside mountain

O Give thanks to sand speeds
For fulfilling the soil to the brim
In the journey to survive the storm
Make way for the insect to win
Wake up from your lazy cushion
It is the best time to work it out

O give thanks to Acquilus
The father of unborn mermaids
Who was never an immortal being
Always swimming in the dead sea
Where sharks and whales have guts
To kill and devour any creature

O Give thanks to Agbalumo
For giving the bitter coin of life
And reviving us of the sweet sour
Always make our mouth to shock
Leaving a trace of varnishing line
Which was the birth storm of cane

O Give thanks to abductors
For making us feel unwanted
Restoring and reserving our integrity
In a clumsy lonely place
Which has no external exit
But extra demand for money

O Give thanks to mother nature
For the gift of everlasting promise
Providing and promoting our intelligence
In dispersed and scattered premises
Where there are true inhabitants
At reserved restricted area

O give thanks to the Woods
For providing and changing signals
Without saying a good bye…….
In a serene environment of lost
Having no guilt for ignorance
Left in the doom of backwardness



Source: http://loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com.ng


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