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The wind is wailing,

the forest is dancing to the rhythm of the fire;

can’t you hear the beats..

it’s so hard to ignore,

why won’t the animals dance in confusion too,

when the sun has turned an enemy and the voice of the water is now agony,

the lightening of the thunder is now the  only friend…

Why won’t we embrace it?

the rainbow is now a folly.

For times are not hard but manipulated by the owners of food and wine;

The treachery of Democracy and legitimacy, 

Corona is now a runner

Sprinting fast to corners

Blocking boarders

Racism is a burner

Still burning and laughing at the far corner.

We sleep alive and wake up dead,

In the faith, we do not quench in search for liquid and solid to exist

For the fright of a pestilence.

Trust is now scarce 

 For Humans are humans but predators of their own souls

How then can we be liberated?


                                       Silver sebastine

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