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I open not my lips to speak or even whisper
But I’m obliged by my poetic pen
To voice my pain against this reign of slaying.
If my words wouldn’t change a thing,
My silence wouldn’t do either
Hence I must speak at the peak of my voice.

At Alex in SA, den of xenophobia;
Kwerekwere, we are in your land.
Kwerekwere are SA people in our land.
We treat your people with love and acceptance.
In response, you cage and kill ours at the slightest chance.
Our sins? We took your jobs you say like fools.
How see ye not your people took jobs in our land too?

At Alex in SA, den of xenophobia
Now hosts fellow blacks with hostility
And inhumane acts to heart of humanity –
Saddening is Alex’s calamity in reality.
I blame not Jacob for the yet un-curbed
Killings of Africans in the Alex’ hubs
But the lip-leaking skill of King Goodwill
Zwelithini of the Zulus, now kills
‘He meant no harm’ is been chorused
But his un-bridled tongue causes chaos.

At Alex in SA, den of xenophobia
Takes over the barbarism colonial tigers
Dread to do before departing from black panthers.
Now, it’s an evil of panthers eating panthers.
I know xeno swallows souls of fellows like Sithole.
I know xeno killings made immigrants kiss death.

Oh! Oh-oh, I know why you maimed them:
You want fame and now you got it
Making world news as horrific.
Oh! Oh-oh, I know why you maimed them:
You want shame and now you got it –
SA-ic is new synonym of xenophobic.

Oh den of xenophobic men
The blood of souls you’d slain
Drops, splashes and whispers
‘This is the beginning of your end!’

By: Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa
@Sunnystar247 @SpeakingPen

*Kwerekwere = Foreigners

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