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No Poem by Blue Flames #WarOfWords7 #WOWNaija


Lazy Nigerian youth
Twitter trends, kiki challenge is just too much hardwork,
The birth of feminism in the other room
money and sex on sister funmis boyfriend requirements
Politician brouhaha requiring pankere
Evans advancing from handsome ransome Abrakadabra to abundant prosperity
Yahoo boys kidpapping “Wo wo” ring tones from barking dogs
Plus their only knowledge of algebra is simply “PLUS”

If Nigeria was a book, she will write her future in past tense
And history in present-continuous tense
Yes, this might not just make sense in the strictest sense.

Listen, If Nigeria was a book,
Phrases like “village people”, “small girls with big gods”, “G Boys with matrix fingers”, six cars not six packs may just be a mirage.
Benue, Borno, Jos will be heaven on earth with glorious alleluia sang, a theatre of dreams fulfilled.
Sambisa becomes a commercial nerve centre
Shekau a Born Again Christian
Children begins to sleep in peace and the dreams they dream in their dreams becomes a lasting impression.

If Nigeria was a book
Nigerian hair will send Peruvian, Brazilian, Italian , Spanish, name it
out of the market!
If Nigeria was a book, the Super Model sorry Eagles in flying colours starts flying beautiful jerseys made by our industrious brothers in ABA, haba!

If Nigeria was a book
Otedola’s 29th June Avenue may just be free like a bird
Not tightly packed with buses in a traffic like the queue to hell Fire!!!

If Nigeria was a book, its cover would be the remaining half of the yellow sun
The title would be there is a country
If Nigeria was a book…..
This poem would have never existed.


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