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No one is allowed to come, stay hard!!!

medically accurate illustration of the brain

I have words fingering my brain,
but no one is coming.
So I am high and dry, 
and my brain stays hard.
Still trying to fit the niche,
Oh gee, where is the spot?

I make insertions on centre-spreads
You can call it advertising.
But one way or the other,
We have to spread things
To get to the core.
Cos to hit a home run,
You got to go hard.

Hagee says, its 3Ps,
I thought up 5Es
Sinek says start with why,
But maths has always been all about the X.
Now winter is here
And I’m still on heat,
Oops, i mean overheating.

I like the beauty of this world
Especially when Ebony and alive
So if I can think it, I can do it
Cos I don’t want to be fifty with no voice.
For now, let’s all dance and be merry,
The king of the North is back,
This is not a game, says the King.
So tell the Prince of the East to be careful,
This is the Wild West
For we are all sitting on a trigger,
Map it out if your brain won’t.

Be confident not arrogant
So daily I draw the thin line.
Be mysterious, less is more
But Mark is always asking, what is on your mind?
If I say nothing, won’t that be a lie?
Be yourself and do what you love,
If we play on the sheets all day,
Would we excel?

Even if a foreman can’t do the work of four men
I still won’t need four players for foreplay.
Cos I am a tool user
Not a tool maker
And my tool has got skills, precision and staying power,
Cos my brain is always hard.
So the words can finger all they like,
No one is allowed to come tonight.

King Olulu, whose brain is always hard.

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