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Nigeria will Rise Again by Chinedu Ihekwoaba.


No place like home
My home is where I want to grow old.

A place of friend and no foe.
No backbite, no trolls.

A place of warmth in the cold.
A land of rising dough.

Africa my only hope!
Nigeria my country, when will you grow?

Your Unity and integrity is better than pure gold.
But the disparity and diversification is burning your citizens like coal.

We need peace and harmony, so keep your bow and arrow.
Let’s work for a better tomorrow.

Let’s stop the life hunting cos we are not sparrows.
We all need each other, whether Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo.
Let’s all eat in a bowl.

Let no bad leaders lie to you or cajole.
They only put our progress on hold.

Never accept the status quo.
Nigeria my country, face your problem and be bold.
Stand upright and tell corrupt leaders: Hell NO!

It’s high time your people let go.
Your people must drop their ego
Everyone must bend low,
To draw you out of this sorrow.


Chinedu Ihekwoaba.

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