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Never give in………..!!!



My name was announced that I was next on stage,

then fear came to me,

swaying seductively and smiling wickedly.

She stood in front of me and held out her hands.

I took her in my arms

and held her tight in a bear hug.

Her body was hard and unyielding,

her bosom hard like blunt knife, pierced my heart.

I drew her in as tight as ever,

and she made me cold,

then she made me hot,

my heart was pounding

and my body shivered,

but still I didn’t let her go.

I felt sick to my stomach and needed to use “the throne” to do number 1 and number 2.

But still I held on to fear,

until her unyielding body melted into mine and we became one.


I headed for the stage,

that was when nervousness dived me like an Eagle would dive a rabbit,

she caught me by my shoulders and her talons dug in.

I felt no “fear,”

but my hands were shaking,

my legs felt like they were tied together

and sweat like blood poured from my shoulders.

I got on stage and before I got to the mic,

I grabbed the sharp talons of nervousness and roll her into a ball with my hands.

The more nervousness tried to fight back,

the more I tapped into her energy source.

So I rolled and rolled her,

until her energy flowed into my poetry.

Then I opened my mouth and swallowed her whole.


I got close to the mic,

failure came from behind and grabbed my throat.

I could not talk,

I could not breathe,

and everything was becoming blurry.

He squeezed harder,

and I grew weaker.

Then I took a step back into failure,

grabbed his hands around my throat,

and took two quick steps forward.

With that forward momentum,

I knelt down suddenly,

jerked my shoulders forward

and at the same time pulled failure over my shoulder in one fluid move (just like the movies).

Failure came head first into the floor,

broke a teeth or two,

and with blood gushing from his nose,

he scampered off the stage and out of the hall.


Then I grabbed the mic,

delivered my piece

and left the stage with the roar of encore ringing in my ears.



Never give in,………………..never ever give in.




King Olulu….©


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