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Never bring a knife…….


They say, “never bring a knife to a gun fight”,
But no one gave me a gun.

I’ve a knife, he has a gun.
He can shoot, I’ve been training with the knife
I have body armor, he has armor piercing bullets.
He is experienced, big and fast, I am not.

He takes aim even before I am ready,
He rarely misses,
But he goes for the clean through body shots, not trying to kill, but to bring me to me knees.

All I have to do is to reach him,
With bullets after bullets flying towards me.
Can’t play hide and seek
He knows I’m coming.

It’s not ice block that comes out of a gun,
But I don’t know how to dodge,
And can’t afford to wait hoping he runs out of bullets.
I’ve taken some hits
My time is running out,
Cos I’m bleeding out.

Too much adrenaline
I break into a run.
Too much experience with people
He dumps the .44 Magnum for a .45,
It’s now semi-automatic.

Punctured all over
Sweat and blood flows.

My eyes burns
My head aches
My back is bent
My hands are heavy as lead
Sweaty palms
Still I grip my knife tighter

7 feet away
I leaped at him…knife first
He took aim
My head…..his target.

His name is life
My name is you…..who won’t stay down and out.

Olumide Holloway aka King Olulu, not from Zulu.

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