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There is a myth that was told since I was born

The myth that gladdens my heart when I was young
The myth of where I came from, and where I belong
The myth of our fathers
Of who takes over when they are gone
The fallacy that left us shattered
The truth that doesn’t matter
The colors they painted with their palette
The path they treated as a scarlet.

When I was young father once told me to be strong
That one day to the top I belong
My teacher mantra me ‘leader of tomorrow’
Perhaps they said these to wipe away my sorrow.
But seems tomorrow never come
Or maybe I’m just forever young.
Though I can haul and urge them no more
No more can I endure to bear their brunt
Its dawn but the cocks still don’t crow
Ticking of time but our infants still don’t grow
Days roll into months, months into years
Our drumming rain turns lazy dew in the ears
While our waving sun changes to sleeping moon.
Our well is running dry, metamorphosed into a stony pit
Surrounded by dancing leafs
From the leafy branches of a sheltering tree
In the still of the night, our fathers stole away our right.
Rotating and revolving in selfish pride
They raped her and left the groom with no bride.
The rulers I know are still ruling
While tomorrows leader are trapped in their childhood myth looking.

The myth of my childhood
The myth that rips me off my manhood.
The Ecstasy that bind us
The love that blind us
Lying on my mother’s chest
Sucking on my father’s breast.
My lips on his hard on nipples
Excitement spread in like ripples.
Federal character a wailing abracadabra
A predicament sweet as venom,
the treasure stolen in billion
We seek freedom from the rulers of this kingdom
They using us to rise to stardom, while our lives abandoned.
Sing it in their ears that again she’s in her period of Ovulation
Sing it all through the nation,
on TV and every radio station
As we the youth are set on edge, for an un-ending Revolution.
Yommy Bishop

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