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If my wife were a book, she would be a Beauty Encyclopedia

Because she answers every questions beauty can ever ask

If my wife were a Football Club, she would be Chelsea

Just a sip of her will get you drunk

If my wife were a bank, she would surely be First

Whenever we make love, she surely comes first

If my wife were a country, she would be Bahamas

She’s a beauty to behold, every man would love to pay her a visit

If my wife were a subject, I would call her calculus

Because you need to differentiate her from other ladies just like dy.dx

If my wife were a month, oh! She would be February

In her alone I celebrate my unending love

If my wife were a department in the bank, I would call her Treasury

She’s an embodiment of values and assets a man can ever cherish

If my wife were a type of credit facility, she would be called an Overdraft

Always giving me access to withdraw from her far beyond my deposit

If my wife were a fruit, she would be a pawpaw

Blessed and fruitful, her womb is filled with many seeds

If my wife were a newspaper, I would call her The Guardian

Always protecting her home, she’s an angel in disguise

If my wife were a day of the week, she would be known as Sunday

Because her presence in my life draws me closer to God

If my wife were a car, she would be called Bugatti

She’s got elegance and style in a class of her own

If my wife were a dance, she would be known as Salsa

Full of respect, emotions and beauty like Mona Lisa

If my wife were a food, of course! She would be Suya

Hot & Spicy, she burns my desire with her fire

If my wife were a drink, men would call her Guinness

Black, bold and beautiful, heavens bear me witness

If my wife were an eatery, she would be a Tantalizer

Makes my grass grow green like a fertilizer

If my wife were a phone, she would be a blackberry

Anytime she needs to ping I can satisfy her with my pin

If my wife were a church, she would be Lord’s Chosen

We are very compatible, the perfect will of God for me

If my wife were a weav-on, she would be Brazilian

Only a few men will be able to afford her

If my wife were a supermarket, she would be named Shop rite

She’s got all a man needs for morning, noon and nite

Nice dimples, hot curves, her teeth are sparkling white

Everything just fit together with an amazing height

So many distinct qualities that make her unique

Sure God declared holiday in heaven to carve that physique

Captivating and appealing is her cute pair of lips

Figure-8 and seductive is the shape of her hips

The flesh of my flesh and the bone of my bone

Even in her presence, I’ve never been alone

I love my Wife!



Afolabi Olaide Aduramomi aka Poetstreet


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