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It was 11:45 close to mid night

Silenced covered the house like a thick fog

Unable to sleep, staring at her lying gently on my bed sheet

This very night I felt like it, because ideas running so much in me like a beast

Desired pooled in my belly, like a vision in a 3D telly

I needed to engage my hands and explore every bit of my mind

Don’t know how to start but needed to touch the main part.



I started with a blind move; though my first attempt was not too good

Tremor shook through my body, lip biting, hand working

My mind was racing, sweating oozing profusely

When I finally got in the groove, it was a time to approve

I needed a real composure; it’s just part of my culture

So I decided to change position, to get a better coercion.

I went back and forth, thrusting and thinking

Hitting the right spot, stroking every bit of the sheet inking

I was driving deeper, not wanting to end

Yet I yearned for the release that was soon to come before the bend.


This was my pleasure; I needed the world to feel my measure

Everyone need to know, God gave me this unique treasure

Although my first night but I knew it won’t ever be my last

Now I’m good at it, every chance I have, I give my best to it


Every night she lays on my bed naked, always waiting for me to fill her in.

My writing pad is just lovely, inspiring me to do more with ink

Now I’m a better writer, driving deeper and using my mind every inch.

It was a night of bliss, the first night my pen does a kiss.



Yommy Bishop


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