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I consider myself as the letters of the alphabet.

I see myself as an A,
I’m adventurous to the teeth.
And whenever I act,  the word “dismay”,
Assumes no form of defeat.

I think I’m also a B.
I sting all who are in my way..
‘ never give a chance for them to see
What I look like or what I say.

Also, I’m a C.
I see myself from here to there and I don’t intend to stop.

I’m a D,  E and F.
Very much down to earth.

I’m a goal getter,
That’s a double G

And Hercules for H.

I see myself as an I(eye)
I overlook all alphabets from here to Y.
And yes, right now I’m high.

And Y means Yogurt lover.

And Z makes me Zeus.
The god of all juice…

Dheric Da Poet™

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