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I die a thousand deaths every second
I’m pressed on both sides.
I’m weary from the battles I’ve fought;
And being the enemy’s ride.

I stand and watch as I lose my dignity;
I lose my pride.
So anytime the saviour comes calling,
I hide.

I’ve eaten of the tree forbidden;
Disobeyed the master’s law.
I was perfectly crafted
But now, with leaves, do I cover my flaws.

My identity tarnished!
With the help of the cunning one.
Reduced me to nothing;
I can’t even be called a man.

Didn’t come with guns;
Just a sweet tongue.
Persuaded me to walk his path
And dance to the song he sang.

Now, I’ve been written off.
My name, wiped from the books of record.
I’ve lost all hope I ever had;
Even tore my record.

But time met time and brought time to me.
My blindfold was taken off
So now I can see.

With the anger of the righteous,
I pursue the evil.
Steadfast in action, to the grain, like the weevil.

My heavy name,
Substituted for a lighter one.
My darkened skin,
Exchanged for a lighter one.
My language,
Exchanged for a lighter one.
Now my currency has become a lighter one.

But now —–

My identity has been found in the “lost and found”.
The heritage, profound, has been lifted from the ground.
So I hear a sound
Of peace around.
And people drumming, because joy abounds.

I will not sit and see my identity go waste.
I will not sleep but arise and make haste;
Till my descendants taste what freedom is, for their mother tongue.

My name is Eyram Komla Tsorme!
I was born a day before the sun knew how to shine.
My father’s spoke of me before I existed.
I had an identity before I knew me.
So I’m not ready to lose it.

An identity of no price is mine.
It’s going to stay that way!!

Dheric Da Poet™

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