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Who’ll spare his strength to go through
The sun, the rain and still be true
He cares, he dares, he’s my mummy boo
My Father.

He’ll give his sweat
For my good health
He pays the price to see me rise
“Avoid the lies, just be wise”
My Father.

When troubles poke straight at my face
I hold his hands to run the race
Together, we run at faster pace
My Father.

When bones becomes soft and feeble
When days begins to feel humble
I’ll be here to stand by you
My Father.



When last did you pray?
How did you pray today?
You said, blessed be your name
Never let me be in shame
It’s based on self, self again
All the while, what’s your gain?

I pray for those with counted breath
Those with few minutes on earth.
I pray for refreshment for that soul
Whose heart has deep, deep hole.

I pray for that boy without direction
Whose hope is self motivation.
For that girl with dashed dreams I pray
That her tears reforms her fears.

I scratch my knee for the age
That have long dwell in the cage
Forsaken by its own
Let to die alone
Because a fellow
With candle yellow
Has christened her a witch
Letting go her love switch.

I’ll climb mountains
And drink fountains
For the child whose childhood was stolen
Only to be awaken by fantasies.

I’ll dig valleys
I’ll drill seas
For the woman whose beauty has fade off
Due to constant punch off
Because of insecurity.

I pray for the man whose heart was broken
Whose ‘sunshine’ has dried up his river of joy
For he has never taken her as a toy
Until she bashed his emotions.

Without ceasing I pray
For all season
For coverage upon our head
For the grace to forge ahead
For harvest upon our land
For dignity upon our brand

As always, I pray
Never to fall prey
On the peak to stay
And not be led astray.


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