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My Dudulewa


I love meeting and knowing beautiful people,
But beautiful is an understatement to describe you,
You are simply a masterpiece.
My Dudulewa,
The lady with a lovely face,
And a dark skin that glows and shines,
As to be overwhelmingly lovely to behold,
And overly tempting to want to own.
My Dudulewa,
Eyes so white, wide and friendly,
Always with a ready smile,
And a helping hand.
My Dudulewa,
With breasts so full and so captivating,
Coupled with a body to trip for,
And a carriage to admire.
My Dudulewa,
A lady with a friendly disposition,
Listening ear,
And a caring heart
My Dudulewa,
My friend,
My sister,
And my lover.
My Dudulewa,
The one lady that has captured my heart,
My body
And my soul.
My Dudulewa,
My soul mate,
The love of my life,
And my wife.
My Dudulewa,
I love you,
And will love you
Till infinity and beyond.


King Olulu, who loves Kunu

Twitter @olulu4ever

@Instagram @olulutheking


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