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The inchoate thoughts in my cerebral facility

Are propelling me to a point of torpor and soporific profundity,

Wherein I become incapable of lucid, pristine and accurate rhetoric,

So I satiate this page with a plethora of prevaricated specious verbose inanity

Hoping that your sagacity would repudiate my innocuous luminous disparate

Not taking it as a meticulously pedantic expose or homiletically-inspired dissertation


If you are fraught with lassitude, lethargy, weariness and weakness either physical or mental

Kindly halt your perusal of this asinine expose lest I exacerbate your ill-health

And adulterate your thoughts with my erratically-written desultory and florid limerick

For I seek not to assuage, attenuate or ameliorate your bodily frailty but to aggravate it

Therefore be at liberty to halt your literary sojourn here

But if your medulla oblongata can be imperturbable to the verbiage expressed herein

And sifter the idea in my dissonant piece

You can emulate your favourite dilettante and proceed with me to the subsequent doggerel

As we warble and reverberate an elegy to the lord of the mumbo jumbos.


I hanker after fine victuals and vintage vermilion wine

Concocted from clementine and pomegranates plucked from well tendered chateaus and vineries

And if you possess any premonition that deprivation of nourishment is the pretext for my histrionics

Then thou hast struck the bullock’s eye and should be granted a memento

For use of tremendous intellect and luminosity in deciphering the dispatch hereto

And you should make a duty call to physician to ascertain if you are for okay


Now that I have written this article in gargantuan and superfluous grammar

Do you scrupulously comprehend and fathom the message being passed therein

Or dost thou require a lexicon, thesaurus and glossary to understand so that

It can be safely postulated and hypothesized that simple words communicate better than

An avalanche of mumbo jumbo

Thank you


Osowe OluwaGbenga

(For the interpretation, read the story below…..*winks*)








Verse 1: Sleep dey worry me so my thoughts no dey organised

Verse 2: If you know say you dey tired, abeg, stop here! Otherwise, continue.

Verse 3: Hunger they worry me and n aim cause my ranting. If you understand am, goodluck to you.

Verse 4: Sebi I don prove say na simple English dey make sense pass? *winks*Hahahahaha

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