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More than 200 Reasons by Miracle Ngoka


Its easy to laugh in the south
About the words from the first lady’s mouth,
While some families in the north are still struggling with doubt,
Dwindling faith & growing fears as the world listens,
Kindling grace & flowing tears for our girls missing. 
We start joking while hearts broken are searching for help,
How can we preach peace when we’re the ones hurting ourselves?
A foreign land’s religion’s now our motherland’s division,
I thought peace was the sermon, now I don’t understand the preaching,
These days I look up and wonder if God’s watching
Instead of tears dropping all we’ve caused is blood rushing,
I wish it’s all a Nollywood movie with a predictable end,
Where fake feels real with a believable blend,
We are sick of the drama, all we need is cure,
And these are more than 200 reasons why we don’t feel secure!


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