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Mon Amour – by Osagie Alex  



Mon Amour,
Lately is more like ask for more,
Rich get richer, poor gets none,
It happens in all things especially in love.
They say hit it hard,
But I lay my reasons down like cards,
I’m serious this is not a game so let go of the pads,
Let down your guards,
This is huge may take the whole nine yards,
It’s not a fad,
I’m grown up now stop seeing me like a young lad,
With mind depraved of assimilating truth.

So I’d speak this truth and  I’d reach out too
Hope you listen and learn and free your mind not to easily conclude.
On this most talked about topic globally,
More prominent annually especially in February,
Everyone is the mood,
Celebrations in the hood.
It becomes difficult to write,
When things seems not right,
I’m not complaining about light,
That’s like expecting it to snow in sunny Nigeria,
Reserve that for April fool.
So with my writing tools,
I beg to differ,
Take another mode, more like an ode,
Though to many it may seem odd,
But that is what being different is about,
Turning the popular and mundane,
To something unique with class and mind-boggling.

Love they say is overrated,
Well that’s people’s opinion and reaction,
Loves existence precedes date and will outlive date,
So get that straight, 3 things scripture says will remain, faith, hope and love,
But the greatest is love.

One that gets our hearts all fired up with great esteem
giving you butterflies in your tummy,
But sometimes in all of the flowering blooming sweetly It could hurt like a sting not funny.
So I won’t be spiritual about it,
Remember the Greeks gave 3 classes,
Eros, Philio, Agape.
Though you may grope in the dark,
Like blind leading another claiming love is blind,
Yet this question pops up every time,
With no significance to reality,
“Will you be my Val?”

Stop thinking of who will Val you,

Please give your life some value

Valentine is come and gone,
You never spend time to think deep.
Love has evolved from just a feeling,
To a full scale entrepreneurial business,
A new replacement for sole proprietorship,
Yes it is.
You may be wondering,
This is senseless.
Quit using common sense,
Remember the old song phrase,
Love don’t cost a thing.
Well valentine season helps re-emphasize that love is not cheap,
As lovers still dream and fantasize about Paris,
Though finances may just be at peril,
Never the less,
I am taking my time to understand this love biz,
That requires skill, intelligence and less common sense.
It’s worth directly proportional to its cost,
Our soul being saved, Christ blood needed to be shed,
Though it sometimes has loss, and other times profit,
Many accepting Grace, others yet to quit sin and disgrace.

Every biz, requires 3 things,
Your head, your hand, your heart,
It is same with love biz.
To not become the highest looser,
Understand the intricacy and craft of the highest bidder,
People who run things,
That will make Hitler consider himself a learner,
And Einstein a no brainier.
Love biz is not run on romance but finance,
People switch partners as easy as making a switch from BB to Techno.
To those who are broke, they say no,
And laugh about it with friends saying that was then, I don port oh.

But truly from the beginning it was not so, I remember those days,
The days of handwritten, perfumed sprayed love letters,
To waiting by the junction,
Just to express your emotions,
When little gifts of sweet,
Would be treasured for weeks,
When things broken were fixed and not discarded,
The days of greeting cards and not recharge cards or ATM cards.
Things really have changed,
Now everything is fast paced,
They end before they even begin,
I miss the days when love was pure, genuine and sincere.
Today it is feigned, made up, and leaves one in despair, but truly it is not fair.

For those who still want to venture this adventure,
It is risky not to take risk,
But take calculated risk,
Go in prepared, not as a rookie,
Understand the love biz, don’t act spooky,
Human love is fickle, love you today, hate you tomorrow,
Take care as you mingle,
But in the love biz,
Sometimes you lose to gain,
Other times you gain to loose.

Happy Valentine,
Thanks for your time,
Mon Amour

But the greatest love of all time,

Is God’s love,

Unrequited and Unconditional,

The Val of all time, with or without Valentine.

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