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MAN-iNFESTATION (Spoken word) – GAMiE


MAN-INFESTATION spoken word video talks about
Identity crisis, Self absorption and Addiction through the eyes of phone usage and social media.
In this video, GAMiE identifies various challenges and suggests possible solutions, he also shares on our true identity in Christ.
This content is thought provoking and inspirational.
THIS IS WAR!!! (We already have victory in Christ Jesus)

GAMiE is a Multifaceted Artiste – Rapper, Singer, & Spoken word Poet based in Lagos Nigeria.

Contact GAMiE on social media @itsGAMiE (Instagram Twitter & Facebook)

Audio production by Segigo for Mustard Breed Studios
Video Directed by EL Vision

GAMiE (Olumide Akindele Okesanjo) is a Multifaceted Artiste: Rapper, Singer, Poet, Music Producer, and Creative Director presently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

My journey into music began with my love for drums. I would beat on any surface as long as it produced sound. This allowed me to express and explore various music genres. Before long I joined a church choir and learned to play the drums properly.
Being in the choir equipped me with the skills needed for a music career, from vocal training sessions to scoring different song arrangements. These experiences were pivotal to my development as an artiste. I later joined a music group where I learnt the art of song writing and stage performance. While in the group, I encountered Hip-hop/Rap for the first time and fell in love with its use of words. This was how I decided to use ‘Rap’ as a major form of expression in my music. Spoken word poetry and singing came much later.
I also started learning how to produce music, this led to a self produced EP (RiverSide EP) which was released in 2012 and a double album debut release in October 2015 (Beyond Words and T.T.S.S).
Music has allowed me the opportunity to create my own path, to tell my story and inspire the world. My vision is to Live, Love and Inspire.

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