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Making Money from Poetry


Making money is easy, all you need to do is to meet a need by solving a problem. Easy right?

Well, the hard work is convincing people you are the solution or you have the solution.

Making money or being successful can be attributed to 3 key factors:

  1. Satisfying human needs
  2. Unique ability that you utilize.
  3. Passion

The above are as captured in the diagram below:


As it relates to poetry, we can break the human needs that poetry satisfies into 8. I call them the 8Es, and they basically are benefits derivable from poetry.

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Expression
  • Entertainment
  • Empowerment
  • Emotional Therapy
  • Emotional Intelligence

They are depicted as follows:

As it relates to my own unique ability, it is writing, while my passion is poetry, specifically it is building capacity in people using spoken word/ performance poetry as a tool and as a medium.

The place of success or the place you start to make money is the place the 3 factors (i.e. Human needs, unique ability and passion), intersects or overlay each other.

However, what you would do to decipher , articulate and act on these factors that would make them intersect is what I call, How many “Nos” makes a YES?

I do not lay claim to knowing all the answers, but I am part of the solution, and from experience, the process that aids and ensures intersection can be stated to include the following:

  • Research
  • Product development
  • Market niche
  • Market fit
  • Growth and expansion
  • Systems
  • Diversification
  • Succession

As you progress on the stages listed above, you need to remember that goods, products and services are not bought, they are sold.

Thus, you need to know how to sell yourself. If you can’t sell yourself, no one will pay for your talent, time, skills, product and services.

In selling yourself, you need to always ask and affirm these questions:

  • Where is the money?
  • Who is holding it?
  • How do we reach them?
  • What do we say to them?
  • How do we say it?

The answers to these questions lies in what you do, what you say, and what people glean from seeing, knowing and studying you. All these are the message(s) you are sending out consciously or unconsciously.

Thus, when your message is relevant to the existing culture you gain influence, and with influence you can reach people who needs what you have. For influence is the capacity to have an effect on people or things. So remember this: Message + Relevance + Culture = Influence.

However, in life, nothing good comes easy. But here are some tips you can adopt to help you in your journey to fulfillment.

  • Write down your goals and dreams.
  • Follow your passion, but use your head.
  • Be willing to pay the price.
  • Find your own path, find your own niche.
  • Make your own decisions
  • Be yourself, no matter what people say about you.
  • Have guts, be courageous and go do something.
  • Create your own opportunities
  • Commit fully
  • Connect emotionally, think logically.
  • Filter what comes into your mind, i.e. don’t listen to everyone.
  • Put in the hours, put blood and sweat into it, do the 10,000 hours of what you want to achieve.
  • Work hard, work smart.
  • Surround yourself with success and with greatness.
  • Dance with fear.
  • Open yourself for failure, be willing to fail
  • Adjust and learn
  • Turn difficulties to advantages.
  • Be different and treat different people differently.
  • Turn difficulties to advantages.
  • Have fun.
  • Inspire others.
  • Read.


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