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Make love to me

crave me

need me

make me the star

of your secret reverie.


Make love to me

hold me

fold me

and cuddle me

curb me

rob me

and fondle me

have me

love me

make me feel

most comfortable.


Make love to me

come have fun with me

come off this reverie

I am real

I can feel

every molecule

of every follicle

in your pores

as they twitch

I am real

I can feel

your impulse

your vibes

the urge

the bulge

and your eyes searching me in sensual scrutiny.


Make love me

till you come off on me

satisfy your lust

your thirst

till you’re tipsy off me

squeeze me

whisk me

till you spur me

cease me

kiss me

till you rapture me

grip me

and don’t leave me

till your reverie spurt

like a volcanic rush

right inside of us.


Just make love to me.



by Samuel Isong



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