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Loving every minute…

Loving every minute………of…………
The words we say to each other,
The gist we share,
The teasing and the ribbings.
The looks that transmit between us,
The coy little glances we throw at each other,
The little moments we share together,
Your warm and tender smile,
Your angelic face,
The kisses,
The touches,
The cuddles,
The……..you know,
And best of all your lovely, beautiful body.
All this and even many more that are simply unmentionable,
But forever unforgettable.
Which makes loving you so wonderful,
This is why,
When am with you,
I’m always loving every minute of it.


Source: http://olulu2lovedudulewa4life.blogspot.com.ng/2009/01/loving-every-minute.html

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