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Love says come.



Before words became the tools of expression
This love was sung with the effulgence of glory
Too sacred for the unclean lips of fallen man

This love existed above time
But this love entered time
That this love may be eternal

Before love became how lowly you can go
This love shrunk God into a seed
That invaded a virgin’s womb

Before love became the idolatry of seductive bodies
This love was first
The ideal of Yahweh’s heart

Before love became how much you can give
This love gave God and the world
To you as eternal possession

Before love became the acrobatics
Beneath the clean sheets of undefiled beds
This love was a lubrication of man’s mind with the divine

Before love was measured by dog-like loyalty
This love stuck with man
Through his unending, untiring and unwavering follies

Before love became the thickness of human lips
It was the weight of His perspiration
– the self-sacrificed Lamb hanging on the tree

Before love became the girth of woman’s waist
It was the radius of heaven to earth
As the ratio of His calculated comely counsel

Before religion munched words and priests preached lies
My hands stretched forth to
rock you in the blossoms of My heart

Before love became the melody of lustful lips
My hand were effortlessly ajar
To grant you endless embrace

Before love became how dogged you can chase
History unfurled with Me chasing My Bride
And I’m still doing!

Tirelessly beckoning, hopefully whispering
Unrelentingly calling! Come!
Come and dine at My bouquet

Come without money; Come as you are
Come with your ragged dresses
Trade them for My royal apparels

I’ll bathe you in divine ointments
Till you become the envy of celestial divines
Nothing stains, taints or shames Me

Come! Come and eat, come and drink
Come and dine, It has been paid for
I’ll receive you as you are!

Love says come…



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