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Love Motive

Love motive with hearts, Valentine day, frame for text
I’ve come to realize that enough is never enough in love
There are always reasons
Time will pass and all will out
I just wish I was wanted not just needed
‘Want’ is the desire that gives ‘need’ flavor
Love and duty are separate things – it seems we fell out of one and into the other
Yeah, we fell outta love and crept into duty
A touch or hug a day is an answered prayer. A kiss? That’s a wild one come true
A body is just what it is without feelings
Saying is cheap (ask Bing), doing is all
Lukewarm gazes are all that be
No feelings mean no respect, you’re just ‘tolerating’
Because respect is felt before it’s given
What are your reasons? You don’t know
What are mine? I’m too beat to care and too ill to reason
No one to share with, no one to bare with
Everyone’s got a motive, you got all your chances but you were too glad to care
When you got what you wanted
So damn lonely and it might never change because all I know is words, don’t know people,
All I do is naked truths, I don’t do subtle,
this is why I love work – she doesn’t lie, the end is a period and the means a straight line
Go the extra mile if you mean to be with me
How will I know what you mean when you really won’t say?
Are we two persons or one like they say?

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