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Loathing and loving


His story came.
In single words
Separated by pregnant pauses
I listened.
He didn’t know
But I listened
Outside, a lone bird chirped
And I let mute wails flow
From the depth of my soul
a gift was given me… And then taken
A gift I recieved with no thanks
And took with selfish entitlement
We were done,
Four journeys over and we weren’t weary
But he was done.
And I was far from it
I pleaded. Begged
All pride forgotten,
Dignity neglected
The clouds come
The tides turn
It’s time to go
He picked up his robe, I hold fast and plead
“You don’t have to be mine…” I plead
“Just stay the night” I moaned
But he had to go… had to float.
I sat there in the dark silent sea
Loathing and loving him the same
But I knew it.
Had always known it
He wasn’t mine to keep
Wasn’t anyone’s to keep
My dark brooding sentry stepped
Into the dark lone tides of fate
And I had to let him go
For he was made for bigger…
My tending Dom was over
I was back to normal
And would forever crave
For the madness that was…
And the sinister sanity that lurked
Beneath the silent gurgles of fate.


Alasooke Omo Olakunle

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