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Limited by sight


Limited by sight,

I struggled.

Closed my eyes

and stopped worrying about perfection.

No need to be better than anybody,

I just need to be better than I was yesterday.

I dream a lot,

my dreams scare me.

I scare easily,

but since fear fuels faith

I have no reason to fear fear.


Limited by sight,

But with belief that I will reach my goal

I made many requests.

I got fifty shades of rejection

And in most cases,

deafening silence,

couldn’t even hear myself breathe.

Written words – endless echoes.

Data don’t support gut feeling,

but we all know – no guts, no glory.

Like Lion to meat,

Elephant to leaves,

and Crocodile to water,

so also…I can’t wish this away.


Limited by sight

more outflows than inflows

So I thought I was a broke ass nigga,

but money ain’t a thang.

Just a medium of exchange,

That’s why ideas rule the world.

You doubt?

Go see what happens to looters when there is nothing left to loot?

Still broke though,

but unworried.

The rain is coming,

happy to be living

and not existing.



King Olulu, who is not from Zulu

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